TylkoDesign specializes in providing personalized service for clients who need creative, technology-driven solutions.  Small to medium size companies, non-profit organizations and individual professionals have all realized the benefits of our firm's customized approach.

We offer a range of services to focus your organization's communications and give you the competitive edge.  Our team uses the latest technologies to leverage your investment and build efficient web applications that meet your needs.

Are you looking to start a new business online?  Do you need to revamp your web presence to bring it in line with your current business direction?  Are you a non-profit looking for a way to connect with donors and raise new funds?  Or do you want to reach your existing customers with dynamic and informative newsletters that match your corporate branding?  We can help with all of these projects and more.  Contact Us.

We look forward to building a solution for you.

Web Design and Development.  Clean and intuitive navigation, clear and easy to read layout, concise and relevant text.  All play a critical role in conveying confidence in your business to your visitors.  Our solutions employ as much or as little technology as you need:  content management systems, proprietary databases, credit-card transactions, blogs, advertising, embedded audio and video, event calendars and flash animation.

Email Marketing.  Let our team build a customized html template that matches your company's brand and image.  Don't settle for prepackaged templates for your critical customer communications.

Consulting.  Web business strategic planning and development, e-commerce, online marketing campaigns, Macintosh and Apple product consulting, software training and general problem solving.

Creative Projects.  Put our creative skills to the test!  Draw on our design and application talents for your next project.

Coming soon!  In the meantime, download a pdf version of our recent work.

TylkoDesign is a small firm with large talents.  We specialize in customizing well-designed solutions for our individual clients' needs.  We enjoy working with a wide variety of businesses and industries.  Our goal is to help our clients create a vision, work with them to implement it, and enjoy the process.

We have been developing websites since 2003, when John Tylko founded the DifferentDistrict.com, "A thriving community sharing news, reviews, and a vast collection of old Apple commercials," (as described by MacAddict Magazine).  John is now our lead designer, and uses his artistic and UI skills to create stunning print and web designs for our clients.  He draws on his significant industry and product knowledge to develop comprehensive and timely solutions.

Betty Ryan Tylko brings years of software engineering and graphics experience to the development of our websites. Using the latest technologies, she incorporates off the shelf and customized components to produce cost-effective and functionality-rich solutions.  Betty ensures our sites are compatible with all browsers, accessible, and secure.

William Tylko specializes in customizing Wordpress sites for clients who wish to be able to manage and update their sites independently.  These are especially useful for clients who have blogs or portfolios that will be updated frequently. Will ensures that each client is fully trained and comfortable with this functionality.

We would love to talk with you about your next project. Contact us for more information or a quote.